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Bedford Public Schools

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​Listed alphabetically by position: staff names are links to their email addresses.


Adult Education, Coordinator: Rhonda Melnyk, Phone: 734-850-6051

Adult Education, Program Assistant: Kathy Synowka, Phone: 734-850-6050

Athletics Director: Mark German, Phone: 734-850-6080

Athletics Secretary: Kristi Chalupnik, Phone: 734-850-6081


Bedford High School Principal: Andrew Rousselo, Phone: 734-850-6101

Bedford High School Assistant Principal: Jacqueline Schultz, Phone: 734-850-6104

Bedford High School Assistant Principal:  Mickey Avalos, Phone: 734-850-6107

Bedford High School Assistant Principal: Leslie Materni, Phone: 734-850-6178

Bedford High School Secretary: Michelle Manger, Phone: 734-850-6102

Bedford High School Secretary: Lisa Pickard, Phone: 734-850-6106

Bedford High School Secretary: Patti Bellaire, Phone: 734-850-6105

Bedford High School Secretary/Attendance: Lisa Girbach, Phone: 734-850-6108

​Bedford Junior High Principal: Roderick Hurley, Phone: 734-850-6201

Bedford Junior High Assistant Principal: Heather Johnson, Phone: 734-850-6206

Bedford Junior High Assistant Principal: Debora Green, Phone: 734-850-6202

Bedford Junior High Secretary: Anita Newman, Phone: 734-850-6204

Bedford Junior High Secretary: Linda Brieschke, Phone: 734-850-6203

Bedford Junior High Secretary/Attendance: Debbie Kitzmiller, Phone: 734-850-6210

Bedford Virtual Academy Instructor: Beth Taylor, Phone: 734-850-6377

Buildings & Grounds (See Facilities)

Business Office, Director of Business Services: Julie Campbell, Phone: 734-850-6011

Business Office, Accounts Payable: Chrissie Bruckner, Phone: 734-850-6015

Business Office, Payroll Secretary: Candy Lawecki, Phone: 734-850-6014

Business Office, Secretary: Dona Folk, Phone: 734-850-6017


Career & Technical Education Director: Jackie Lancina, Phone: 734-850-6109

Career & Technical Education Secretary: Sue Barth, Phone: 734-850-6109

Communications, District Marketing/Communications Specialist: Sandy Kraine, Phone: 734-850-6030

Community Education, District Director of Community Education Operations & Services: Nancy Crandell, Phone: 734-850-6019

Community Education, Recreation & Leagues:Cindy Amos, Phone: 734-850-6038

Community Education, Secretary/Driver’s Education and MI Road Skills Testing Coordinator: Brenda Whitlock, Phone: 734-850-6035

Community Education, Program Assistant/Facilities Scheduling Coordinator: Connie Mercier, Phone: 734-850-6037


Douglas Road Elementary Principal: Carol Perz, Phone: 734-850-6701

Douglas Road Elementary Assistant Principal: Kimberly Johnson, Phone: 734-850-6703

Douglas Road Elementary Secretary: Pam Krell, Phone: 734-850-6700

Douglas Road Elementary Secretary: Carol Sue Oz, Phone: 734-850-6711


English Language Learner, District Coordinator: Lisa Kolar, Phone: 734-850-6157


Facilities Director: Tom Martin, Phone: 734-850-6060

Facilities Secretary: Amy Mohr, Phone: 734-850-6061

Food Service Director: Meaghan Eckler, Phone: 734-850-6127

Food Service Secretary:Tammy Newton , Phone: 734-850-6126


Great Start Readiness Program, Monroe County Director: Cortney Last, Phone: 734-242-5799 x 1918


Health Van Director: Carrie Pitzen, Phone: 734-850-6045

HELP DESK, Phone: 734-850-6095

​Human Resources, Executive Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations: Howard Schwager, Phone: 734-850-6020

Human Resources, Switchboard/Secretary: Sally Lucarelli, Phone: 734-850-6005

Human Resources, Secretary: Shelly Haise, Phone: 734-850-6022

Human Resources, Secretary: Bev Ostermyer, Phone: 734-850-6023

Human Resources, Contracts/Benefits/Secretary: Pam May, Phone: 734-850-6016


Information Services Manager: Jay Dazley, Phone: 734-850-6091

Instructional Technology, Director of Educational Technology and Information Services: Jennifer Earl, Phone: 734-850-6094

Instructional Technologist:Kim Powell, Phone: 734-850-6059

Instruction & Student Services, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction & Student Services: Dr. Mark French, Phone: 734-850-6025

Instruction & Student Services Secretary: , Phone: 734-850-6027

Instruction & Student Services Secretary: Kendra Zink, Phone: 734-850-6028

Instruction & ​Student Services Secretary: Gloria Trouten, Phone: 734-850-6029


Jackman Road Elementary Principal: Sherry Farnan, Phone: 734-850-6601

Jackman Road Elementary Assistant Principal: Kim Ortiz, Phone: 734-850-6603

Jackman Road Elementary Secretary: Amy Krupp, Phone: 734-850-6600

Jackman Road Elementary Secretary: Tionya Byrne, Phone: 734-850-6615


Latchkey Centers Director: Amber Brushaber, Phone: 734-850-6004

Liaison Officers: Deputy Jeremy Lestock, Phone: 734-850-6119
Deputy Randy Krupp, Phone: 734-850-6717


Monroe Road Elementary Principal: Alex Chapman, Phone: 734-850-6801

Monroe Road Elementary Assistant Principal:Kim Eltschlager, Phone: 734-850-6803

Monroe Road Elementary Secretary: Tammy Priest, Phone: 734-850-6800

Monroe Road Elementary Secretary: Chris Przybylek, Phone: 734-850-6810


Nurse: Karen Weis, Phone: 734-850-6034

Nurse: Mindy Klawonn, Phone: 734-850-6034


Senior Citizens Center Director:Dianne Carroll, Phone: 734-856-3330

Smith Road Elementary, Early Childhood Programs, Clerk: Maribel Zavala 

Superintendent of Education: Dr. Carl Shultz, Phone: 734-850-6001


Temperance Road Elementary: Building Closed

Transportation Director:, Phone: 734-850-6071

Transportation Secretary: Kristyn Sparks, Phone: 734-850-6072

Transportation Secretary: Kelley Linzie-Perry, Phone: 734-850-6070

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